“If you want peace, work for justice”: Candlelit vigil marks the 15th anniversary of the Titanic Express massacre

On December 28th 2015 a group of around 40 people from Burundi, Rwanda, Congo and the UK came together in London’s Trafalgar Square to mark the 15th anniversary of the Titanic Express massacre.

Campaigners lit candles, laid flowers and held placards beside the Burundian Embassy in London’s Trafalgar Square. They also took part in a campaign action led by Amnesty International to highlight the killings that have taken place in Burundi this year. The vigil was supported by a choir from the UK Congolese Banyamulenge community who sang a number of songs at the event.

Speakers included Lionelle Kingsley-Bio from the UK Burundian Diaspora Association, Rona Keen from Amnesty International, Alexis Shama, of the UK Banyamulenge Community Association, and Margot Wilson, mother of Charlotte Wilson, the only British victim of the Titanic Express massacre.

The vigil organisers also delivered a letter to the Burundian Ambassador to the UK calling for justice over the Titanic Express attack, and an end to the ongoing violence.

To find out more about the Alliance For Justice, click here, or click here to join our mailing list.

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