Titanic Express vigil, 3pm December 28th, Trafalgar Square, London – final details for those attending

December 28th - large

A massive thankyou in advance to those of you who are coming along to support our candlelit vigil in Trafalgar Square at 3pm on December 28th.

We have confirmed speakers from Amnesty International, the UK Burundian Diaspora Association and the UK Banyamulenge community, and we know that a number of people are coming down from Manchester, Coventry and elsewhere to take part in the event. 

We’re hugely encouraged that so many people are taking the trouble to join us to remember our loved ones – and call for an end to the ongoing violence – during what we know is a tricky time of year.

1. Meeting place and time

We will be gathering from 3pm, as close as possible to the Burundian Embassy in Trafalgar Square – click here for a map of the precise location.

2. Key things to bring

*During the event we will be creating a ‘wall of names’ to remember individual victims of the Titanic Express attack and the more recent violence. If you would like to commemorate a particular person we would encourage you to bring a photograph, or a sign bearing their name. We will also be providing some blank A2 cards and pens, so there will be an opportunity to make some signs on the day.

*We are keen to gather good photographs and video of the event, so please do bring a camera if you might be able to help with that.

*We will be using glass jars as candle holders – if you have any spare, please do bring them along!

*Finally, the event will be taking place outside on one of the coldest days of the year so please bring extra layers and wrap up warm!

3. Media coverage

We have been circulating a press release about the vigil, and there will be media present at the event. If you would like to receive a copy of the press release, or arrange an interview, please contact Richard Wilson on +44 (0)7969 802 830 / richardcameronwilson AT yahoo DOT co DOT UK.

4. In the meantime please spread the word – hashtag #TitanicExpress

We’re encouraging people to spread the word on social media before, during and after the vigil using the hashtag #TitanicExpress.

Thanks again for supporting the Alliance for Justice and have a wonderful Christmas!

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